Bonding applicator for bonding parquet in a standing position

Basibond is an adhesive applicator, specifically designed for applying parquet adhesive. With this ergonomic applicator, it is an easy and fast way to apply the adhesive. Basibond is suitable for our adhesive Basicoll STP-850, packed in flexpacks of 2.5 and 5 kg.

Considerable time-saving
Thanks to the wide application head, you can apply an adhesive bed of maximum 29 cm wide. The battery has a autonomy of about 1 hour (equivalent of 100 m² of adhesion). With Basibond, you can work up to 10 times faster compared to working with a notched trowel. The placement of a complete parquet can happen up to 3 times faster.

Very ecological technology
This new way of working reduces the amount of waste to an absolute minimum. The packages used up until the very end. As a result, only 200 gr of waste remains per 5m² finished parquet.

Logic evolution
Basibond is an adhesive applicator that is using the latest technologies. With this applicator, ou can work in a comfortable position and the fatigue of the user is mostly reduced. This device was developped bearing two factors in mind: to improve the working conditions of the parquetry worker significantly while making a higher efficiency possible.

Remarkable easy
This device is accessible for all parquetry workers and useable on all construction sites (even the smallest ones). With this design en these functionalities, Basibond is very easy to use. You can replace empty packages in less than a minute. Only one part needs to be disassembled and/or replaced after use. This part can also be replaced after every working site.

High bonding performance
By placing lines of 3 to 5 mm thick and a distance of 1 cm between them, Basibond looks similar to bonding with a notched trowel. The application can happen in the same direction as the boards. By ensuring a complete adhesion of the parquet, this technique is also fully adjusted to be used with underfloor heating.

The perfect combination
The characteristics of Basicoll STP-850 make sure that this adhesive can be perfectly combined with the Basibond device. Together with the use of Basibond and the environmental friendly packages, this ensures an optimal and ecological combination. Regarding the adhesion performance, Basibond and Basicoll-850 are also well-matched: easy to spread, great elasticity, strong adhesive backs, great shear strength, ...