In regards to the retirement of Mark Portier I would to present myself to his customers as their new BASIN representative. As CEO and with more than 30 years of technical and commercial experience, I hope to be able to help you and provide you with an answer to all your questions.
Feel free to contact me to make an appointment to meet eachother in person.
Alain Goldstein
T: +32 484 64 72 27


"That's a wrap for our Mark!" After many years of service as a representative for our company Mark Portier will retire on April 1rst 2021 -no joke. 
We woud like to thank him for his loyalty and expertise and wish him the best of luck.
As a BASIN client, we will not abandon you. As off April Alain Goldstein will be your new representative.


As of now our (ergo your) representatives are back on the road after their technical unemployment caused by the corona crisis for all your questions, orders, ... -even stronger than before!

If you wish one of our representatives to drop by -in all safety- do not hesitate to contact us:

HAPPY 2021

On behalf of the BASIN team I would like to wish you and your loved ones a good and happy 2021.

As already announced at the end of 2020, some of our products have experienced a small increase in price of 4 % and certain conditions have been modified.

Please contact your representative if you wish to receive more information about these modifications.

If we work TOGETHER, we can beat COVID!


Alain Goldstein