Who are we?

With more than 60 years of experience in the production and distribution of adhesives, lacquers and all other finishing products for the refined wood industry Basin ChemEco (a Belgian company with an infrastructure of 11.000 m² and a total working area of app. 5 ha) is well-known for being performance orientated and delivering trustworthy products. 

At BASIN we strive for optimal quality and innovation whilst respecting the environment. In the furnishing as well as in the interior and parquetting industry our services and products are well regarded. Carpenters, joiners, furniture makers, industrialists etc.: they all find the perfect stain, lacquer or adhesive for their application. We offer you a full range of products in order to choose the best finish for your project. 

Our company is strategically situated nearby Bruges, which guarantees a fast world-wide delivery.