Parquet adhesives

The parquet adhesive of BASIN are the result of technological research, based on reliability, user friendliness and with respect for the environment and for the health of both installer and end user (Human Friendly). The strong resistance and controlled elasticity prevent the risk of loosening and bending the boards. Due to its fluidness and easy application, it reduces user inconvenience with no solvents, VOC nor heavy metals. 

Also view our most user-friendly, ecological and economical solution: BASICOLL STP-850 (BC-0850) with BASIBOND (HWZ-1000).


Basicoll STP-750 (BC-0750)

Basicoll STP-850


Bonding applicator for bonding parquet in a standing position
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Basicoll PU-550

Basicoll 270

Dispersion adhesive

Basicoll 300

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Basicoll 670

High viscosity spray adhesive based on polyurethane
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Basicoll BC-870

STP-adhesive for tracked spray bonding